We loved chatting to #rollasgirls Fredrika Akander. Swedish-born photographer, creative and yoga instructor. We spoke about her work, her style, why she love Rolla’s and how she still has time to run a NFP initiative

Where are you from? What’s your background? What do you do?

I was born in Sweden, now currently based in Melbourne. I’m a photographer, content creator, creative consultant, yoga teacher and the founder of #menstruationwithdignity a project aimed to break down the barriers of period poverty in Sub Saharan Africa

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Now let's get to know you a little more

What’s your star sign?  


Your favourite Aussie Slang? 

It sounds ridiculous when I say it with my Swedish accent but I definitely overuse the words ‘heaps’ and ‘avo’

What’s your favourite Rolla’s look or fav Rolla’s jeans? 

Straight Long Brad Blue - they’re timeless!

Your go to outfit?

Straight jeans, sneakers and an oversized men’s white shirt

Advice you wish you would have heard sooner?

Stop worrying about other people’s paths - it doesn’t affect yours

 One image to describe your mood this month? 

This month has been equal amounts of challenge and change for me, but in a positive way! A sunrise for new beginnings

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How do you feel when wearing your fav Rolla’s jeans?

Like myself, no fuss

 Who is your style icon/s?  

My mum in the late 80’s. Denim overalls, oversized t-shirts and shirts from the men’s section. Effortless, natural and gorgeous

What are you listening to right now?

Anything and everything by Blxst

 Your 2021 Mantra?  

Keep your head up and heart open.
I’m like so many others all over the world, separated from my loved ones due to covid and closed borders. I try to stay positive and know that it will get better soon - it is for the best for everyone to stay safe and healthy (al- though I do want to selfishly jump on a plane so I can hug my family)

If you could live in any decade what would it be?  

I think I’d thrive in the late 70s

Your Secret Talent / one thing people don’t know about you?

I knit ALOT. Absolute wool fanatic