We chatted to #rollasgirls Bec Adams. Working as a Dj and living between NYC and LA - we learnt about Bec’s company, her style icon and why she loves Rolla’s

Where are you from? What’s your background? What do you do?

I am Bec Adams from Adelaide Australia, and I live in LA via NYC. 

I’m the founder of the female music agency Les Filles- where I am a music supervisor and DJ, and run the company!

Your Instagram handle:


Now let's get to know you a little more

What’s your star sign?  


Your favourite Aussie Slang? 

‘I reckon’

You live in Los Angeles what are three local tips we need to know?

1. The best hike; the secret paths behind the Hollywood sign

2. The greatest health food haven; Erewhon

3. The best way to spend a Saturday; a visit to any farmers market, and then a trip to Ojai’s hot springs 

What’s your favourite Rolla’s look or fav Rolla’s jeans? 

The Elle Jean! I've never found a jean that fits me like a glove and is the perfect high waist height

Your go to outfit when performing?

Jeans and a silk camisole 

Advice you wish you would have heard sooner?

Don’t act or do anything the way society wants you to, especially in regards to age!


One image to describe your mood this month? 

Screenshot and send us your latest camera Roll. 

How do you feel when wearing your fav Rolla’s jeans?

Adorable and comfortable

 Who is your style icon/s?  

Gwenyth Paltrow

What are you listening to right now?

Hiroshi Yoshimura (I have an obsession with Japanese composers)

 Your 2021 Mantra?  


If you could live in any decade what would it be?  


Your Secret Talent / one thing people don’t know about you?

I went to law school