If you're looking for an authentic, vintage look and feel, then rigid denim is for you. Rigid denim is made with 100% cotton and is a non stretch fabric. We use mid to heavy weight fabrics which means the jeans will hold their shape. Rigid denim does require some time to 'wear in'. If you want to feel comfortable straight away, try going up one size. Alternatively, if you want these to stay fitted, they should be really tight when you first put them on.

Comfort denim, sometimes known as comfort rigid, is designed for those who want an authentic vintage look to their denim with a little bit of stretch. Comfort denim will keep its shape and doesnt require as much "wearing in" as rigid denim. It is also a slightly lighter weight which makes for a great trans-seasonal jean. If you normally wear super stretchy denim, try going up half a size.

Stretch Denim is perfect for when you want your jeans to fit tight but really comfortable. The extra stretch in this fabric means you can put on a brand new pair of jeans and they'll fit perfectly straight away - no wearing-in necessary. We use premium, mid to heavy weight stretch fabrics which means they will keep their shape and won't become loose with wear. If you like your denim super tight, go down a size.

Corduroy is a soft, ribbed fabric that is a flattering and comfortable alternative to denim. Our corduroy fabrics are soft and super stretchy for maximum comfort and fit and we offer three different ribbed looks. Baby corduroy which almost looks like a velvet, wide rib which has a more noticeable pattern that gives it a rich, luxe look and feel and one in the middle of these two that is a regular ribbed corduroy look. All three are super soft and very stretchy and we choose premium quality, medium weight fabrics that make for jeans that will smooth and hug your curves while holding their shape.

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